What To Look For In A Video Microphone For Your DSLR Camera?

Are you looking for the best microphone for your DSLR camera? If you want a switch from photos to videos, you have a lot many things to learn. Since audio is a vital component of video, you will have to consider several options in microphones and then make a choice. Well, your choice of video microphone depends on your budget, the application, the area where you are going to shoot the video as some of the microphones are meant solely for isolated areas. When it comes to producing a video, the sound quality matters a lot. You must read out DSLR camera video microphones reviews online before making any purchase.

The different kinds of microphones for DSLR

An external microphone is something which can fabulously transform an ordinary video into something dramatic and colorful. Your chosen microphone should live up with the camera to produce an excellent sound. There are mainly three kinds of microphones for DSLR, namely, the lavalier, the shotgun and the handheld. You need to choose as per your application. If you want to interview a celebrity, you need to buy lavalier microphone. You just need to attach it to the clothing of the celebrity to capture the perfect video. It is best for general sound pickups like for interviews, instructions, and presentations. A shotgun microphone is mounted to the camcorder and picks up the sound from the direction where you point the microphone. Well, the handheld microphone is durable and may be used during casual interviews by the reporters.

Look for a balanced microphone

Most of the microphones in the market offer balanced kind of output. This is done with the help of three wires inside the microphone cable. There are also transformers to convert the signals into one normal signal. So, you may use it with long cable run that is less prone to interfering. On the other hand, unbalanced cable is more and more susceptible to interfering with external noises.

Have a look at the elements

This is another factor you need to consider. There are mainly three elements, namely, condenser element, dynamic element, pressure zone. Being fragile, the condenser is sensitive to sound and also needs careful handling. You should choose dynamic microphone which is less fragile and does a wonderful job in varying climates. Owing to the great ruggedness, the dynamic one is perfect for outdoors. However, you can also go for pressure zone microphone that records quality sound and eliminates the ambient and extraneous sound.

What is its pick up the pattern?

You also need to consider pickup pattern. It is this feature which determines the sound pattern and also the direction from where the sound will be captured. There is an omnidirectional microphone that picks up equal intensities of sounds from various directions. Choose the shotgun microphone which is most directional among so many microphones. It has indeed the tightest of pick up pattern. To receive very good audio sound, you may choose wireless microphone for your DSLR.

When buying the microphone for your prized DSLR, you need to consider several other factors including the price range, wired or wireless, the frequency response, etc. It should be bought as per your needs and application.

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