A look at the top motorcycle cameras for daredevils out there

Dave Taylor, Eddie Kidd, Kevin Carmichael, Craig Jones are few top stunt riders. Their mesmerizing stunts include Wheelie, Flamingo, Can Can, Fender Drag, Nose Grab, NacNacetc that successfully grasp the attention of thousands of viewers who travel long distances to watch the dangerous stunts.

Although a large number of viewers also try their best to capture the performances of the daredevils, the quality is not good enough. Therefore, the professional motorcycle camera is a right companion for you. Reason being that it can easily capture and record good quality pictures and video and the rider can relive some of the best moments again and again.

Ultimate motorcycle cameras

What can be more delightful than capturing some of the best moments in life and watching them over and over again in future and recalling all the mesmerizing event? Well, there are some top rated motorcycle cameras that will be your perfect companion.

Olympus TG Tracker

The Olympus TG tracker is a perfect companion for tough riders. With an inbuilt feature of advanced performances and field sensory system, it has an angle of 204 degrees of view, which can capture bigger surroundings.

Moreover, the tough features are shock resistance, waterproof, crushproof, dustproof and these have been tested to meet the IEC standard publication and Olympus test conditions. All these specifications have been made so that the rider can get a perfect capture of his stunt ride.

Garmin Virb

Favorite among the stunt riders, it is known for its style and long-lasting battery. Apart from capturing high-resolution film, it can play them in slow motion too.

Although it doesn’t provide versatile features in its list of specifications, however, it captures it smoothly. This helps you get a better view of accidents sometimes and lets you study the root cause of such happenings too.

TomTom Bandit

TomTom Bandit is one of the best action cameras for stunt riders as they not only have a series of sensors that record G-force and location. Moreover, it is easy to mount and position and has clever editing features.

It is also assisted by the Bandit app, which lets you edit your videos in minutes. It greatly saves your time as you just have to attach it to the USB port and then transfer your videos. It’s that simple.

So what are all the daredevils waiting for? Hurry up and get a perfect companion to capture your moments. Happy stunt riding!

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