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How to crush your first gig as a wedding photographer

Being a photographer is a big responsibility in itself. You don’t have to capture the pictures only but you have to capture the emotions, feelings, and beauty of the event. A photographer needs to satisfy client with the quality.

Wedding photography is not about the camera and location but it’s about how much you are adding into it and this project can boost your career as well. If you are a wedding photographer and trying to boost your career, then here are some of the great tips.


At the time of creating a gig, you should be practical and real. You don’t have to talk about the thing which is of no importance to the client. The client doesn’t have that much time to read out the whole description but they want to the point details. provides you the complete instructions about creating a perfect gig.

Attraction is the most important thing to add into your gig if you want your gig to be successful. Let your client know that you can meet their expectations and your work throughout the project will make them feel satisfied and relaxed


You need the impress the client from your previous work if you want to create a perfect gig. You need to show them something creative, unique and attractive that’ll help them decide that you’re the perfect person for the project.

You should add unique and beautiful shots in your portfolio. People look for the different angles because they need everything to be perfect on the wedding day. If you want to get your hands on the great project, then you should add best shots in your portfolio.


What if someone is looking for the right packages and maybe you are the one they are looking for? To make your gig strong and powerful as a photographer you should prepare some eye-catching packages for the clients.

Let them know how much you can do on a certain budget and what kind of skills you can offer them. Make your packages according to the market rates and don’t exceed.


People who are looking for the photographer usually have lots of concerns in their mind. They are usually concerned about whether the photographer is going to discuss the ideas with them or not.

You need to discuss your ideas with the client to make them feel relaxed and satisfied. Let your client know that they are your priority.


Let your client know that how professional you are and how you keep yourself ready anytime for the client. At the end of the gig, it would be great if you write about how will you do homework every night on the project of the client.

This is going to leave a great impression on your client and they will definitely hire you to take benefit of your amazing skills.

What to look for when buying a light box for photography

Photography has become very common these days. No matter if you want to feature your blog post on the magazine or want to publish it on the front page of a newspaper, photography is known as one of the most powerful weapons in attracting the audience.

Now there are a number of accessories available such as a light box which can make your photography skills more powerful. If you are a beginner or looking for a quality light box then here is the complete guide that can help you choose the best light box for photography.


During the photography, if you are about to shoot for different products, then, of course, the client would be expecting that you’ll show them the best picture of the product. But what if you don’t have enough facilities and you don’t have a light box?

At the time of buying a light box you should check out the light range and you should determine whether it’s going to be suitable for your photo shoot or not. The reflection will help you decide the quality of the light box.


When you are about to start the photography, you need to adjust the product and location several times. You need to show different angles of the product and light box plays an important role in capturing the photos.

When you are buying a light box, you should consider the adjustment panel. Check if you are able to adjust the light box during the shoot or not. You can check all the functions properly before buying it.


When you are investing in something important, you should make sure that the material of the accessories is durable and reliable.

If you are buying a light box then, first of all, you should look for the material and whether is it possible to use it for the long term or not. If you want to have a great quality, then you need to increase your budget.


Light box photography is essential for the professional photo shoot. If you don’t have a light box then, of course, you won’t be able to shoot the product properly and satisfy the client.

When you are buying a light box, then you should keep one thing in mind that the material of the light box should be wrinkle free. If there are lots of wrinkles on the box, possibilities are that you’ll have to do lots of efforts in using it.


At the time of photography, you should make sure that light box is balanced and you don’t have to adjust the box again and again. The box should be balanced in light so you can finish the project soon.

If the balance of the light box is great and it’s easy to use then you can buy it. At the time of buying you should check it by using multiple lights on it.

What To Look For In A Video Microphone For Your DSLR Camera?

Are you looking for the best microphone for your DSLR camera? If you want a switch from photos to videos, you have a lot many things to learn. Since audio is a vital component of video, you will have to consider several options in microphones and then make a choice. Well, your choice of video microphone depends on your budget, the application, the area where you are going to shoot the video as some of the microphones are meant solely for isolated areas. When it comes to producing a video, the sound quality matters a lot. You must read out DSLR camera video microphones reviews online before making any purchase.

The different kinds of microphones for DSLR

An external microphone is something which can fabulously transform an ordinary video into something dramatic and colorful. Your chosen microphone should live up with the camera to produce an excellent sound. There are mainly three kinds of microphones for DSLR, namely, the lavalier, the shotgun and the handheld. You need to choose as per your application. If you want to interview a celebrity, you need to buy lavalier microphone. You just need to attach it to the clothing of the celebrity to capture the perfect video. It is best for general sound pickups like for interviews, instructions, and presentations. A shotgun microphone is mounted to the camcorder and picks up the sound from the direction where you point the microphone. Well, the handheld microphone is durable and may be used during casual interviews by the reporters.

Look for a balanced microphone

Most of the microphones in the market offer balanced kind of output. This is done with the help of three wires inside the microphone cable. There are also transformers to convert the signals into one normal signal. So, you may use it with long cable run that is less prone to interfering. On the other hand, unbalanced cable is more and more susceptible to interfering with external noises.

Have a look at the elements

This is another factor you need to consider. There are mainly three elements, namely, condenser element, dynamic element, pressure zone. Being fragile, the condenser is sensitive to sound and also needs careful handling. You should choose dynamic microphone which is less fragile and does a wonderful job in varying climates. Owing to the great ruggedness, the dynamic one is perfect for outdoors. However, you can also go for pressure zone microphone that records quality sound and eliminates the ambient and extraneous sound.

What is its pick up the pattern?

A look at the top motorcycle cameras for daredevils out there

Dave Taylor, Eddie Kidd, Kevin Carmichael, Craig Jones are few top stunt riders. Their mesmerizing stunts include Wheelie, Flamingo, Can Can, Fender Drag, Nose Grab, NacNacetc that successfully grasp the attention of thousands of viewers who travel long distances to watch the dangerous stunts.

Although a large number of viewers also try their best to capture the performances of the daredevils, the quality is not good enough. Therefore, the professional motorcycle camera is a right companion for you. Reason being that it can easily capture and record good quality pictures and video and the rider can relive some of the best moments again and again.

Ultimate motorcycle cameras

What can be more delightful than capturing some of the best moments in life and watching them over and over again in future and recalling all the mesmerizing event? Well, there are some top rated motorcycle cameras that will be your perfect companion.

Olympus TG Tracker

The Olympus TG tracker is a perfect companion for tough riders. With an inbuilt feature of advanced performances and field sensory system, it has an angle of 204 degrees of view, which can capture bigger surroundings.

Moreover, the tough features are shock resistance, waterproof, crushproof, dustproof and these have been tested to meet the IEC standard publication and Olympus test conditions. All these specifications have been made so that the rider can get a perfect capture of his stunt ride.

Garmin Virb

Favorite among the stunt riders, it is known for its style and long-lasting battery. Apart from capturing high-resolution film, it can play them in slow motion too.

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What are the benefits of hiring a photo booth for wedding?

The wedding day is a big day for anyone who is waiting for this day eagerly. You need to have few things in your wedding which can create memories for you. If you want to have great memories then you should go for the photo booth.

You’ll be able to enjoy the amazing moments at your wedding if you consider hiring a photo booth for this outstanding event. In this article, we’ll talk about the amazing benefits of the photo booth.


If you have invited lots of guest in your wedding then you should go for the photo booth for sure. Everyone who is coming to your wedding must be important to you and they deserve some kind of appreciation from you.

Your photographer won’t be able to take the photos of everyone so you have to add a photo booth. The photo booth will provide you the opportunity to capture group photos with your guests.


You should try to add as much fun in your wedding as you can. Although this is the start of a responsible life it’s also the day when you should enjoy and celebrate your happiness with your friends.

Your grandparent can make this event memorable by holding different kinds of props in their hands and your friends can also contribute to it by making some funky poses.


You will be able to create memories out of it. You’ll feel happy when people will come and appreciate your beautiful effort of keeping the photo booth.

You’ll be able to watch these images after many years of your wedding and you’ll once again enjoy all those moments with your partner. You’ll also have the opportunity to show your children that how beautifully you made this moment memorable.


You must make all the efforts to make this day memorable and enjoy it with your friends and family because this day will never come again. If you are having a photo booth for your wedding then you should also keep different avatars there.

Photo booth hire Cheshire is the best place for hiring the photo booths. You’ll never forget these funny moments in the future.


After spending many years together, you’ll recall these days by showing all these moments to your children to let them that how beautifully you enjoyed the wedding.

Your children will definitely enjoy watching the pictures that you’re going to capture in the photo booth.

The wedding is an amazing event of one’s life and it’s important that you put all your efforts to make it a memorizing and unforgettable event.